Marching forward into the Future

“Garnering the best and the brightest minds in Science and Engineering from IISc and around the World to foster innovations that lead to a healthy, safe and sustainable future for India and the World.”

Science and Technology for a Better World

The 4th Global IISc Conference hosted by IISC-AANA (Indian Institute of Science Alumni Association of North America) will bring together some of the best scientists and engineers from IISc and around the world to discuss breakthrough ideas for a healthy, safe and ecologically sustainable world.

Meet and greet over five hundred eminent scientists and engineers involved in state-of-the-art research and industrial applications working as academic leaders in renowned institutions and corporate executives of start-ups to large corporations around the world.

  • Celebrate and showcase a century of excellence in science and technology that shaped modern India and contributed to worldwide research and development
  • Discover and formulate sustainable partnership opportunities between IISc and US-based Academia and Industry

Why Attend?

  • Meet the best of India’s students, alumni and faculty involved in all fields of science and technology
  • Meet corporate leaders involved in cutting-edge scientific and technological developments
  • For corporate executives, avail the opportunities to connect with exceptional talent
  • For attendees, avail the opportunities to explore professional prospects
  • Benefit from an effective platform for mentorship, networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Reconnect with your friends and acquaintances, and faculty from IISc
    Explore opportunities to give back to IISc and India