Dr. Anil K. Aggarwal

Dr. Aggarwal, Founder and former President of AMCOMP Corporation, has made pioneering contribution to the development of GPS Technology. AMCOMP not only provides technical and engineering services to DoD, Government and other commercial organizations, but is also responsible for GPS systems integration, data processing and analysis and computer simulation support across all Air Force platforms.

Dr. Aggarwal is a founder and a member of the Board of Directors at TopVue Defense Inc. which provides support for military acquisition programs and Data Management. He has also held senior management positions at Magnavox and Texas Instruments where he led various efforts in GPS Development and applications for Ballistic Missile Defense program.

Dr. Aggarwal received a ME degree in Aeronautical Engineering from IISc, a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Rice University and completed the Executive Development programs from Santa Clara University and Tuck School of Management at Dartmouth. In 2019, Dr. Aggarwal was elected to Life Senior Member of IEEE.