Dr. Cesar Molina

Dr. Molina is a practicing cardiologist and in Mountain View, California. He is the co-founder and Medical Director of the South Asian Heart Center at El Camino Hospital. Dr. Molina obtained a Bachelor of Science from Boston College, where he graduated with honors as a Scholar of the College. He obtained his medical degree from Yale University. Dr. Molina completed his M.D. thesis at the Joslin Clinic at Harvard University Medical School. Dr. Molina completed his medical, clinical pharmacology and cardiology training at Stanford University Medical Center, where he was a member of the medical school faculty and a Robert Wood Johnson Scholar. Dr. Molina frequently appears in the media discussing the benefits of diet, exercise and stress reduction in the treatment and prevention of coronary heart disease. Among many other topics, Dr. Molina’s research interests include the role of lifestyle factors and longevity, and the epidemiology of coronary artery disease in South Asians. Dr. Molina is well versed in the ancient science of Ayurveda and a long-term practitioner of the Transcendental Meditation Technique.