Dr. Eugene Tu
Dr. Eugene Tu Director, Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley

Dr. Eugene Tu:

Dr. Eugene Tu serves as the director of Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. He has a Ph.D. from Stanford University, California. In 1984, he applied for and was accepted into the Ames Education Associate Program for interns and after graduating he joined the Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics Branch. He was later selected as the deputy program manager for the agency’s IT Base Research Program in 1997. From 1998 and 2002, he led the agency-level High Performance Computing and Communications Program and the IT Base Program, which later merged into the Computing, Information and Communication Technology Program. In 2003, he served in the Office of Biological and Physical Research at NASA Headquarters, and in 2004, he was the acting director for the Information Sciences and Technology Directorate at Ames.

He was appointed the director of Exploration Technology at Ames in 2005, until his selection as Ames center director in May 2015.