Dr. Sudhir Kshirsagar

Dr. Sudhir Kshirsagar, President of Global Quality Corp.(GQC), has leveraged his unique educational background (B.Tech. in Electronics from IIT Kharagpur, MS in Computer Science from IISc Bangalore and Ph.D. in Environmental Systems Engineering from University of Illinois – Urbana) and his vast consulting and product development experience to create the HydroTrek smart water product series that uses Internet of Things (IoT), On-premise and Cloud Computing, and deep machine learning.

HydroTrek products integrate IoT sensor data for smart modeling of water and wastewater systems, what-if modeling of stormwater LID controls, advanced river spill modeling and harmful algae bloom monitoring and event detection in lakes. GQC also develops IoT hardware for environmental sensing and provides low cost IoT telemetry options. He participates in the activities of several professional societies including ACM, IEEE and AWWA, and chairs the Smart Water Technologies track committee at EWRI-ASCE. He is exploring collaborative activities with the IIT’s and with IISc.